Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2013

The Gita for Daily Enrichment: A New E-book by Chaitanya Charan Das

April 17, 2013 (VNN) By Purushottam Kumar via ISKCON News

“Realizing that we are not suspended in the uncertainty of uncaring chance, but are enveloped in the certainty of unfailing love is life’s greatest discovery”: Chaitanya Charan Das reminds us in his newly published bookThe Gita for Daily Enrichment. The book has been released recently.

365 short and crispy articles adorn the book. An article a day for 365 days for a reader to meditate upon. Several meditational books flood the market but this is the first book which offers thought for daily mediation based on a verse from the Bhagavad – Gita.

An electronics engineer by profession, the author has been an ISKCON monk for last fifteen years. The creative and pragmatic presentation of the message of the Gita with several contemporary examples reflects his profound and insightful understanding of this great literature. Each verse of the Gita is explained very succinctly, intelligently and interestingly. The language is lucid and style is contemporary. It nudges the reader to think, reflect and then act.

Today the importance of Gita has not waned, as the skeptics want us to believe. The present day society is marred with several perplexities – relationships are in tatters, insecurity looms large, fear of future and failure keeps us always in anxiety. Today neither the inflation nor the temperature is increasing at a higher rate than the suicide and drug consumption rate. During these troubled times we need wisdom of Gita to skilfully confront any challenge.

The book empowers the reader with spiritual intelligence to take the right decision. The author prods the reader to understand the importance of human life. He strongly argues that the human life is not just meant for seeking material pleasure but is to strive for eternal spiritual pleasure. The daily nuggets explain about the higher dimensions of life. The author constantly reminds the reader to rise from the intellectual level to spiritual level and to engage in practical devotional service to Krishna if they seriously want to relish the spiritual nectar.

The author is fundamentally acquainted with the subject and he knows his audience well. The book does not quote the verse or its translation verbatim but instead it tries to focus on the applicability of each verse in the present context. Sincere practitioners, genuine seekers, academic – scholars, young and old, men and women, all will find something to contemplate upon. The reputed Hinduism author Steven Rosen phrases the appeal of this book succinctly: “Chaitanya Charan das unlocks many of the mysteries of the Bhagavad-gita, allowing contemporary readers access to an otherwise often impenetrable scripture.”

Overall the 365 articles inspire the reader to embark on a spiritual path. One develops deep appreciation for Gita and also feels closer to Krishna, the ultimate object of one’s meditation. In total, there are 365 good reasons to purchase the book.

The book is available on Amazon as a kindle edition. The hard copy of the book can also be ordered from the author’s site and from

(Purushottam Kumar is a member of congregation at ISKCON Kolkata. He works as a senior executive in Tech Mahindra, Kolkata.)

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