Publication Guidelines

Posted By VNN Staff On Friday, February 1st, 2013 With 0 Comments

Send your articles to


Here are some tips on getting your article published on VNN:

  • be respectful and polite even when disagreeing with others
  • spellcheck your text!
  • specify the title and author of the article
  • if the article is in response to another article, specify (best with VNN URL)
  • break text into paragraphs
  • if needed, have someone read it over and correct before submitting it to VNN
  • attach word processing (MS Word) documents and pictures to your email
  • obvious writing style and tact are expected
  • if corrections are needed – submit the entire text in the corrected version!

Due to the sheer volume of material VNN receives, VNN cannot publish all articles submitted, some article may not be published even though they may not violate any of the guideline above.