Published On: Sat, Mar 30th, 2013

Deity Installation at Vaikuntha Hill

BANGALORE, INDIA – March 30, 2013 (VNN)

KLP deity installation1

As the work progresses at Vaikuntha Hill, towards the completion of Phase 1 of the Krishna Lila Park, a burst of transcendental activity enlivened devotees between January 25 and 29, 2013. Deities of Sri Sri Sudarshana Narasimha as well as Sri Jagannatha, Sri Baladeva and Srimathi Subhadra, were installed at the newly built temple. This is the shrine that, eventually, visitors will first enter, when the project is completed.

The Deity of Lord Narasimha in yoga posture, is seated on Vasuki, the celestial serpent. Sri Sudarshana, in standing posture, has sixteen arms. Both these Deities are combined, back to back, so the sanctum has two doors, for devotees to have darshana of both Their Lordships from either side. The Deities of Sri Jagannatha with His elder brother and sister are as They appear in Puri, Odisha and are housed in the Narasimha altar.

Priests from Ahobalam performed the installation ceremonies of Sri Sri Sudarshana Narasimha and priests from Jagannatha Puri performed the installation ceremonies for Sri Jagannatha, Sri Baladeva and Srimathi Subhadra.

KLP deity installation2

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