Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2013

The Realization and Manifestation of Your Eternal Identity: A Review

Book Review – March 20, 2013 (VNN)


Sri Krsna, Who dwells within and is the source of intelligence, inspiration, memory and ability, certainly bestowed an inundation of the same, when Uttamasloka, the author of this book, first set finger to keyboard. The test of valuable vaisnava literature is that it is essential truth, spoken for the benefit of all. The reader will find conclusive proofs presented on every page and argued exhaustively from every possible angle of vision, anticipating all arguments to the contrary.

The journey he takes us on is full of new and ever-fresh perspectives. It is like the sun breaking through heavy clouds, casting new and intense light in all direction, reflected magically by millions of tiny droplets. Being so drenched in the distilled essence of our acaryas’ teaching, we only see light and clear understanding everywhere.

Reading it dispels thousands of layers of illusion and delusion and mistaken concepts. The chapter on anarthas is especially invigorating. It gives a vital boost of hope for those struggling to give up sense objects.

For those wary of the path of spontaneity, having had bad experiences with “raga-bashers” and the general confusion of its proclaimed adherents, this book will be a complete surprise. It is not simply strings of similar quotes, cut and pasted from various books, but personal realizations, which are arrived at with powerful logic and reason. Sri Krsnadas Kaviraja, advised us to always understand the esoteric and highly confidential teachings of Sri Chaitanya in this way- through logic, vicara, and the original and flawless way the author uses this powerful tool, strengthens his presentation and makes it entirely his own, as realized knowledge, vijnana.

For those who are wary of this path, not due to others, but out of their own humility, or experience of their own inadequacies, this book will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the path is open for all who desire it. Sr Krsna is waiting with open arms, as we learn to walk on this path towards Him. In the gita, He promises the “riven cloud”, “He is never lost!” He is ever urging us forward…

This book is the expansion of His merciful assurances, via His merciful associates, and is for those who need more than four words, even from God, to dispel their self-doubt (and the mistake that it is the same as humility). Anyone who has ever experienced the “lost-ness” of confusion or personal inadequacies will be quite convinced that it is all a self-imposed sentence, ready to be dismissed by the powerful words and reasoning of our acaryas.

This book has condensed all their words into a text that is consequently authoritative, concise, essential and relevant, full of honesty and compassion, core philosophical truths and reasoning, daring in its expose of our anarthas, undeniable in its conclusions, and clarifying in its analysis. From all angles, it is a great blessing for all of us. And as true blessings come with no expectation of reward or compensation, it can be accessed for free at this link:

The Realization and Manifestation of Your Eternal Identity (PDF 6MB)

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