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Read the Publication Guidelines before submitting articles to VNN.
Anyone can submit material to VNN

Everyone is invited to submit news stories and editorials to VNN for publication regardless if they are VNN correspondents or not. As a non-profit organization VNN relies on volunteers submittimg material for publication. VNN is looking for correspondents and participants in all parts of the world. VNN will not discriminate against you based on age, gender, race, nationality, affiliation with organization or spiritual master.

Any story directly or indirectly related to the Vaishnava community worldwide is newsworthy to VNN.

Find all the appropriate contact email addresses here.

VNN Correspondents

There is no cost or obligation involved in becoming a VNN correspondent. Please refer to the VNN Standards of Publication section for more details about what VNN wants to publish.

VNN Editors

To become a VNN editor you have to be an active VNN correspondent. VNN editors may be asked to evaluate submissions for compliance with the VNN Standards of Publication.

Find all the appropriate contact email addresses here.

Also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact VNN here.

How to become a VNN Correspondent:

1. To become a VNN correspondent you will need a email address where you can be reached.

2. Read the VNN Statement of Purpose and VNN Standards of Publication and the Frequently Asked Questions.

3. If your articles have been published on VNN you may want to submit "About the Author" information to VNN. There you can tell VNN a little about yourself, your Vaishnava background, your current situatiuon and email address. Just send an email with your information to the correspondent email address.

4. The VNN editorial staff will review all material submitted and evaluate it based of the VNN Standards of Publication. Your submission will either be published or returned to you with request for revision based on the VNN Standards of Publication. As long as these basic standards are met the submitted material will be published on the VNN.

The VNN editorial group reserves the right to edit and/or shorten any submitted material.

Important Notice: VNN receives many submissions daily. Unfortunately not all submissions can be published. Please be patient as it can take up to 2 weeks or longer for your article to be published.

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