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Major Conspiracy Exposed


ANTVERPEN, Nov 19 (VNN) — "In the initial conference texts, the GHQ members were more freely showing their true color and frequently referred to ISKCON women as "obnoxious", "feminazis" and even as not having souls, to the "ISKCON Women's Ministry" as the "ISKCON Whore Ministry" and to the "International Women's Conference" as the "International Witches Conference"."

Dear Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Earlier this day I received a letter from Syamasundara Prabhu, who advised me to withdraw myself from all controversial conferences, saying that, by arguing with Basu Gosh Prabhu, who is in all respects my senior, I, a junior, was breaking Vaisnava etiquette and committing Vaisnava aparadha. He advised me to stop my discussions, so as not to cut myself on this razorblade of spiritual life.

This advise he gave on the basis of my astrological chart. Three years ago I had sent him my birth data to become a member of his conference called Vedic Astrology, and now he used that information to stop me from discussing social and philosophical issues on certain conferences, namely Grhastha Culture Dialogue, Varnasrama Development and (ISKCON) Social and Economic Development Conference. I took his advice, since it (minimizing my time on COM) was already something that I had wanted to do. Therefore I wrote a public statement, saying goodbye to all the members of these conferences, expressing why I considered myself unfit for further participation in these conferences, and begging the members forgiveness for the offenses I might have committed.

I will not join these conferences again, but I now realize that Syamasundara Prabhu has misused my birth data, the science of astrology and his position as an older Vaisnava.

When I went on COM to send my letter, I simultaneously received a text from a friend of mine. The text dealt with a conspiracy that certain devotees are partaking in. I was shocked to read the names of those with whom I had communicated these last few days: Basu Gosh, Jivan Mukta, Guru Krishna, Ameyatma and others with whom I had had discussions previously, like Jaya Tirtha Caran, Vidvan Gauranga, Rasananda Swami, Bhakti Vikasa Swami, or about whom I had my doubts, like Danavir dasa Goswami and others.

To my great shock the founder and main leader of the conspiracy was the very Syamasundara Prabhu who had written the letter as my "well-wisher". Actually he simply "wished" that I would stop challenging his friends and political campaign on these conferences. Thus he misused astrology in his nefarious scheme. This I consider a serious transgression. I call it Star Wars.

I recommend all Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis to read at least some of the following texts. They expose a major conspiracy going on, even within the sacred walls of what we still define as "Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON".

As far as Syamasundara Prabhu's advice is concerned, that:

"I will venture to predict (I am an astrologer) that you are entering into a very unfavorable time in your life as X transits over your X while X shortly transits over your Major period lord X. During such unfavorable times persons are liable to make very egregious errors which will have serious ramifications down the road. My prescription to you is to do everything you can to keep your mind peaceful. The first thing is to personally apologize to all devotees you may have offended. ... Second, to remove yourself from all conferences on COM that have any controversy on them. In other words practically all of them except maybe "jokes". We could all use a good laugh to help us from taking ourselves too seriously. Third thing is keep a very low profile. If persons criticize you just take it, it will soon die down."

My position is this: I may suffer or go to hell by exposing this conspiracy, I don't care. Truth and justice is what counts to me. Dear Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis, please read the following texts, and judge for yourself.

If anyone wants to discuss things with me, please do so in private letters.

yatra yogesvarah krsno
yatra partho dhanur-dharah
tatra srir VIJAYO bhutir
dhruva NITIR matir mama

All glories to Partha-sarathi!

Satyam eva jayate!

Your servant, bhakta Ivar.

Conspiracy To Terminate The ISKCON Women's Ministry
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