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October 12, 2005   VNN8843  

Apartments Available In Vaishnava Ashram


CANADA, Oct 12 (VNN) — Rooms and apartements to rent in Vaishnava Ashram In St. Agathe-des-monts, Quebec, 89 kms from Montreal. St. Agathe is in the heart of the Laurentians, a mountain range near Montreal full of resorts and yoga ashrams.

Bhaktivedanta Ashram and the Himalaya coop have 4 apts (2br) and 2 large rooms for rent with shared facilities. Rents are from 300$ to 475$ Can.

Ashram has a private beach and a bicycle trail is nearby. For winter sports ashram has rackets and skies for guests. We also have 3 guest rooms and we will open an Indian store shortly to sell transcendental stuff (bead bags to indian spices). Our area has one of the highest percentage of vegetarians in Canada. There is a morning and evening program every day and a Saturday love feast. We are also near Mt.

Tremblant where jobs abound.

Please contact Jiva das in the Laurentians at 819-326-3739

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